Monday, October 28, 2013


I haven't gone away (sorry, culties. I hope you didn't get your hopes up). I needed a short hiatus. I have been reading, researching and attempting to unscramble all of my thoughts and feelings into something at least somewhat coherent.
Really, I just needed a break. It is easy to put a lot of time and energy into this stuff, and trying to keep up with my life at the same time...I was neglecting some things that are more important. And literally making myself sick. I made the decision not to allow the Family to integrate themselves into every aspect of my life any longer. I see that I was still letting them in a way. There needs to be balance. I'm getting there. As soon as I'm ready, I'll be back at it.
Once in a while, when I refuse to slow down and see reason, my body has a way of giving me a swift kick in the ass. It makes me slow down, and not very pleasantly!

Thank you for all of the input that you readers have put into emails and comments. A lot of gaps in the story are being filled. The whole picture makes more sense than it did. It's nice to get actual answers once in awhile instead of the dancing and dodging around the truth that has become the norm in the cult.

Oh, and just an extra little observation; All those mysterious people from Europe that are keeping records and surveillance on us- you know, the priory of zion, templars, blah blah blah... Well, they suck at it. There's a neat little tool that shows me which countries, states and metro area hits on the blog come from. Not one view from anywhere outside of the USA. None at all from Europe. Actually, most are from Maine, Colorado, NY, NC... places where current Family members live. Is anyone surprised?


  1. Of course no one from Europe is watching. The family tree began in the 1960s on Long Island. Massapequa and East Meadow. Anyone who watches you will trace back to Long Island. That's it. No further. Which will make it easy for you if you ever decide to sue or expose or prosecute them because sexual exploitation and stalking and harassing are crimes. A civil suit would work I think. The Smestead- and Hov- families. Vander- and Hic- and You know the others. That's it. A dozen or so large families from Long Island who started in the 60s. Ironically if you go back three generations their extended families have nothing to do with this. So there's no real roots. No European connections. They're not even connected to their own ancestors in America. The trail goes cold in Long Island during the 60s. Their tied together by warped and abusive and I think satanic ideas. Maybe the youth disagree but I know that Hickman loved tarot cards and astrology and kabala and some sort of dice game that was druid fortune telling. Do the youth know that? Because Anton Lavay also liked that stuff..So feel healthy..Get lots of rest and love the people who deserve to be loved. As for this demon group they'll fade away. A house built on sand. Long Island sand. From the 60s. You know who's watching?? God..A loving God. A loving God who can't tolerate abuse of innocence is watching. So you have nothing to fear. They do.

  2. hey Anony, nice post, Sym, it wasn't me. Great post, very true. I suspect in the PR/LR household and CG there was some kind of issue there. I only knew of the mom never heard a word of the dad. I think LR turned out okay but I guess I really don't know, I hope so, he was another causality of the great and powerful OZ, I mean jack. Sym, honest that post is not me. -Ray

  3. ? No worries, Ray. Anonymous is right. I haven't believed the "people are watching" nonsense for a long time. Hopefully some of the youth reading will get it. Seiously, there is NO ONE watching you, or keeping track of these blogs except yourselves, and your parents, your clan heads and your elders. That is it! There is not a single person in this group who has ever met or spoken to any members of the supposed "Three Families" in Europe or wherever. Go ahead, ask them. They don't exist.