Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Old vs. New

The stuff I posted are teachings from over a decade ago, as someone has pointed out. What about now? What is being taught now that is different from before Jack died?
Well, mostly just more of the same. Since 1996, the focus has been on the "youth".  John H. periodically teaches a series which are open to every member, but since the first generation has fullfilled their purpose by breeding, the youth are the important ones. The priests are in charge of teaching/educating the 2nd and the ever-increasing 3rd generations. The priests run and teach the weekly religion class that the kids are required to attend. The priests run the youth retreats and meetings. The priests are all youth, as far as I know. At least one priest is consecrated from each mishpahah. They are consecrated into their own line, the "Cohenim", while the rest of the youth are consecrated into the Davidic line. They believe that they are the priests who will be serving in the new temple after Yeshua/Metatron/Messiah comes. They now have to follow all the old rules of the biblical priests, like only marrying virgins, staying pure and what-not. Their children, as long as they are the spawn of a priest and his virgin wife, are also members of the priestly line.

It is mostly Jack's teachings that are being retaught. Video of his teachings are played for the youth at meetings and retreats because they believe it is important for them to hear his righteous voice.  There's a problem now, most of the 3rd generation has no memory of Jack. While their parents and grandparents revere him as a Tzaddik and prophet, the kids, well, he could easily become irrelevent. They can't let that happen. Along with the framed picture of "abba and his dogs" that is prominently displayed in like every members house, his voice must be heard. When you read your lesson packets, they want Jack's voice in your head. The little cult school kids take walks to his grave. Everyone does their best to instill the same reverence for Jack that they have, but I cannot say they are quite as successful as they wish.
The priests do their own teaching too, but the big stuff is left to Jack. Priest teachings are mainly commentary on Jack teachings or their own interpretations of the weekly Torah portion.

Recently, (like 3 years ago-ish) someone compiled a whole slew of Jack's lessons into a book on "Marriage" that was/is to be distributed to every youth in order to ensure they adopt their proper roles in creating a spiritual household. The lessons include several on  niddah, and couples lessons from 1975, as well as the 1970's "directions on marriage to the princes". It all reeks of underhanded mysogyny, but that is fodder for another post...

With Jack gone, the leadership and dedicated followers have been fervently seeking ways to ensure a 3rd generation as devoted as they. Transitions were important, namely the first generation stepping back and allowing the youth to slowly become the leaders. Many of them had a hard time with this, but things did take a turn. Jack always spoke of the youth's energy being different, stronger, newer, more driven. That has proven to be true. Prophets started springing up (some actually believed to be the reincarnation of biblical prophets, seriously). Just like Jack said, God was speaking through the special Adomic souls.
I obviously believe these "prophesies"are the product of delusions, mass hysteria, mob mentality, exhaustion and lack of oxygen due to hyperventilation. But they are also the product of fear. Things would reach a plateau, tithe would go from flow to trickle. Kids seemed to be going down the wrong paths. Suddenly, something big happens, relevent abba-lessons would be dug up and handed out. Someone would prophesy about destruction being close. Everyone needed refocusing. The biggest fear among many in the Family is that their children, or their children's children will fall away.

I am unaware of how people were advised to marry in the 70's, but I believe that at the time, bringing more people into the group was encouraged. Not anymore. It is very strongly encouraged to marry "inside". There is a greater effort to ensure everyone knows the  rules about getting permission to marry. The fear of assimilation is so great that they are excerting their control any way possible. Kids are told when and where they can go to college. They are told which career paths they are allowed to take. They want them to remain in Maine, hoping their choices will be restricted. They want there hand in every decision you make because every thing you do must be for the greater good of the family, or at least not bring any negativity or shame to it. And, in my opinion, they want the youth restricted to Maine because it lowers the likelihood of friendships and romantic relationships developing with outsiders. Lots of cult kids go to the Maine university in Orono. They stick together because they are already friends. Kids who have gone out of state tend to marry outside of the cult. That's a sure way to lose members. There are spouses from outside who have come into the family, and are fully adopted, but many keep their distance.
Jack and G did a lot of teaching from 1996 until Jack's death. They have all been printed and distributed. The list is long; here are a few titles:
*Youth Retreat may 1996 + Abba's teaching to youth, 7/96
*It's your turn to make a deposit: a study of the first several verses of the Parashat Balak Haftorah
*Israel series
*32 pathways series
*Prayer (abba's teachings compiled by Bob F.)
*Awakening (song of songs series)
*Spanish Jewry (printed from 1979 teachings)
*Rosh Kodesh series (for the women to learn how to be)
*Lessons and information on marriage
*Come Dance With Me (Carlo Suares, song of songs)
*The Clan
*The Politics of God (David lessons)
*Genesis, *Exodus, (you get the idea...)

There are more, lots more. There were also audio tapes and cd's distributed. The Enoch series comes to mind. And every once in a while, we would receive a copy of something from decades past, like an Easter Sunday sermon, or prophesies Abba and others had in Massapequa or East Meadow, or teachings by youth Pastor Jack. These tend to pop up whenever they are deemed relevant by current leaders. Once the Van Clan started their prophesying a couple years ago, some of Jack's teachings on prophesy started floating around, as if to have him legitimize it from the grave.
(You know, the grave he was buried in after this Tzaddik/prophet/reincarnation of Jacob/teacher of the Way died a natural death, and from which he did not rise after 3 days, AND where I venture to guess his body still lays, not perfectly preserved, and not smelling like roses. But I digress...)

I do have a question, for you old-timers: when all this was beginning, what did Jack explain as the purpose? Did he tell you all that you were to bear the 2nd generation who would be consecrated into the house of David to become sacrifice's for God? Were members actively recruited? Why did membership become closed? That's one thing that makes this group different from others out there there is no wooing involved.
Did you see Jack breaking the rules he preached? I have heard many stories of his love for lobster, cheeseburgers and all things unkosher. I have also heard of his obese and gluttoness lifestyle, and that he would often break chairs when he sat down. Anyway...I'm curious.

Like I promised, here are a few more pages of Jack talking about death and sacrifice. There are so many more, but these convey the point, I think. Again, these are a partial transcript of a Path lesson.


  1. sim, i enjoy reading yer blog... mostly the stuff about kids questioning and leaving. i also enjoy your cynicism!
    you had questions for 'old-timers', i was 1971-81. i can't say i remember well enough to answer all... but here goes.
    "when all this was beginning, what did Jack explain as the purpose? Did he tell you all that you were to bear the 2nd generation who would be consecrated into the house of David to become sacrifice's for God?" - over the years, there were many 'purposes', goals, etc... they changed, we 'evolved', or so we thought. i will say, we all thought it was to serve the lord. he did want us to have many children, but as sacrifices? no

    " Were members actively recruited? Why did membership become closed?" well yes! we were evangelists, even when we became 'the family'. if i remember correctly, around 1980 jack said all the 'finally adopted' were to bring in 3 new people!

    "Did you see Jack breaking the rules he preached? I have heard many stories of his love for lobster, cheeseburgers and all things unkosher." - I did not 'see'. tho i did hear from people i trust, that he said maine lobsters were kosher... cause the water was cold. he did love his food and he could cook! of course, he could get away with anything. and he could 'bend' the rules for anyone. ie: we could drive on sabbath.

    anyhow, keep writing. it seems you are 'out', at least mentally and emotionally. do what ya gotta do.

  2. ps- you mentioned a picture of 'jack and his dogs'... as i recall, fawn was his, the other was lou's.

  3. Different dogs. The two new dogs were Burmese Mountain Dogs. The picture was taken by a photographer within the family during the 2000s.

  4. Jack was visiting a family one night for dinner, I want to say it was the early 70s. Maybe. It was the
    month that he introduced kosher. The family(still involved), had served lobster. The story I heard was one of the children didn't finish and while clearing his plate it fell to the floor. Supposedly Jack dropped to the ground and started working down the food.Like a dog. This was supposed to be funny somehow and he would later claim that the unholiness of the lobster made him do it. After that I personally never heard of him eating lobster but I'd bet he did eat it secretly seeing as how he obviously loved it and look at all the other things he did in secret.

  5. Btw that should say that Jack was wolfing down the food. Not working. Sorry for the error. He wolfed it down off the floor. Like a dog. Or a pig. That's who founded this group.

  6. Thanks for the information on the new(old) teaching. We had 'Jesus book' I know there are a few copies of this kicking around. This was written at a point where Jack was just formulating his scheme, but had his predisposition toward homosexuality. Once Jack saw how things could go and found himself so self-important, he went after what he desired. Since he started to have money, he used it, not liberally at first, but there were signs. Like buying a nice drum set for a young boy, this was a huge gift, several hundred dollars for G, and he played it in coffee house. That gift pales in significance to the gifts bestowed upon him by the poor brainwashed adults and children that have been lied too from birth. Is there a medium(speaker for the dead) in the group? you also say there are doctors, really? This provides the signs of credibility, interesting. So if I was looking for a doctor in the 'family' who would I go to see? can you advise who they are? maybe you are concerned about passing on that info, but if they are in and faithful, it would seem like they could be outed to the world without fear. Just curious, not that it would be a criteria for me to use or not use one, but one would think with all that education, they would not be 'in' the family. I'm thinking there is some kind of incentive there. A captive patient community perhaps? just askin... -Ray

  7. Hi Sim,

    It is simply based on FEAR and GREED. Since the beginning. FEAR in all of the sermons that Pastor Jack/Abba gavein the 70's and early 80's.

    GREED in that we were constantly pressured by Pastor Jack/Abba to bring more and more people in to the family. More people = more tithe money...not accounted for.

    FEAR as Jack saw the community falling apart around him, FEAR as he instilled FEAR by convincing the weakest and most loyal to STAY and live as a secret Community from the Foibles of Abba article1982 to 1996.

    GREED in that he relied on these people for his and Gary's lifestyle for the next 13 years traveling around ( and some say hiding from Police until things died down over pedophile charges and accusations, and his own admissions.)

    GREED in bringing back the youth together to feel important, and for their parents to feel important.

    FEAR is the underlying theme in all of your youth postings. So much talk of death and martyrdom.

    GREED for those at the top of the Pyramid Scheme.

    FEAR is used over and over to keep all of you in line...scare the shit out of the masses that the end times is coming, and you may not leave the FAMILY. FYI....he did this since early 1970's.

    ALOT of FEAR nowadays, by your paranoid parents who are afraid that you will open your eyes, and see this as another example of JIM JONES.

    Ask them...truthfully, if JAck had asked them to drink the koolaid at a Saturday evening service...would they?

    I know many who would have.

    Keep publishing this paper trail. It's excellent and very valid info for any fence sitters.

  8. If you really need more proof of the year long investigation in to Abba...resulting in the Foible of Abba article contact Joseph Berger, senior editor of the NY Times. He wrote the Newday article and can share more details with you of his year long investigation. He left Newsday shortly after that article, and has been with the NY Times ever since.

    Click here to see Joe Berger's profile:


  9. Thank you for this information.

  10. I'm curious about the Judiasm. When we were all "becoming' (play acting) Jewish, we gave up the "born again Christian" persona. we actually became self righteous Jews, orthodox in many ways. My married friends said that they had to have sex with a sheet between the couple, with a hole in it.
    Does everyone think they are Jewish? Freckle Face posted that she was shocked to find out that she was not Jewish and that her parents were Geman protestants? Lutherans?

    Did all of the family actually convert officially through a temple to Judaism? Because up through the early 1980's you became Jewish by being finally adopted in to the family.

    It seems like the religion now has elements of Judaism, but a lot of other things as well.

    How would a person in the cult describe their religious status today? And how do they convince people who may want to get married that all of this is normal? Do they make the outsider sign in to the family laws as well?

  11. Hi Sim -

    Answers to your q's from this "old timer's" (hold off on that - I still have plenty of original teeth left!) perspective:
    I come from an old New England (11th generation eastern Long Islander on my father's side) puritan family, though both of my parents were non-religious. Thus my siblings and I were pretty much left to explore on our own, and explore I did - along with my fiancee at the time - attending churches in a wide variety of denominations. None of them seemed to stick, until, in 1974, we heard of a coffee house (anyone remember Genesis House?) in Southold, L.I., run by RW, and began attending regular bible studies there. I remember that what struck me most was the main teaching that, in order to really understand Jesus (Yeshua), you had to first understand that he was a Jew - and in order to understand THAT, one needed to LIVE it. This general premise actually made total logical sense to me at the time, and in fact still does even though I no longer subscribe to any particular religion.
    Back then, I would definitely look at this as being a period of "recruitment," and the coffee house at Genesis House certainly acted as an outpost for that.
    At that time, the way this was presented fascinated me, and so my fiancee and I dove headlong into full commitment to living the teachings. Before long we found ourselves driving in to Massapequa and East Meadow for services regularly, and in 1976 were married by Jack at Genesis House.
    I remember RW sitting me down before we got married and asking me how serious I was about the community, the teachings, and my commitment - he wanted to make sure this wasn't all just a "game" to me. I assured him of my commitment (not realizing at the time, of course, that it turned out quite the other way around - Jack was the puppeteer playing games with everybody's lives).
    I don't know if it made any real difference or not, but my fiancee and I were indeed virgins on our wedding night. We kept a strict kosher home, strict observance of the holy days, learned to read Hebrew, I wore tallit and t'fillin and prayed the shema every morning,and followed the laws of niddah, etc., etc...
    Our three beautiful daughters were all baptized by Jack - I only have vague memories of those ceremonies, but he seemed to imbue some special significance onto them - I assumed that he thought they would help carry on the message of the community - a message which I myself was becoming less and less clear about. I don't remember any specific reference to the next generation becoming "sacrifices for God," but that does sound like jack's lingo.
    We left after "Bloody Sunday," and I think the group became "closed" after that, as if to say that the ones who remained were the "true believers," and therefore were the only ones to be trusted with carrying on whatever the mission was. This, of course, makes perfect sense, too. Only the fully indoctrinated need apply, and so it doesn't surprise me that those who remained would view Blood Sunday as a "purge" to "purify" the cause.
    Guess what I've learned: EVERY human being on the planet is "special"!! - problems will always start when one group of people think they're more "special" than anyone else.... don't get me started....
    To the anonymous FEAR/GREED poster above, I would add (among other things) CONTROL. Most religions do have that in common - it's all about a "chosen few" controlling the sheep, herding them thither and yon wherever there are greener pastures (illusory or otherwise), and hopefully not driving them off a cliff while they're at it...
    and woe to those who follow Einsein's maxim to "question everything"!
    - Chris

  12. Oops, that's "Einstein" for you spell-checkers...