Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why, anybody can have a brain. That's a very mediocre commodity.

On a prior post, there was a commenter who seemed incredulous that there are doctors in the group.He was surprised that with all their education they would be members. That struck a nerve. Like, only idiots get caught up in cults, right? Or at the least, the uneducated, emotionally crippled, mentally ill or insecure. People joined cults who "needed" something they couldn't find on their own, you know, like a heart, a brain, courage or just a place to call "home". Cults attract weak people. That has always been my assumption, too. Of course, that was before I noticed that I was in a cult myself. Oops.
But that's just it. When I look at fellow members of this cult, that is far from the truth. Of course there are exceptions... but the large majority of Hickmanites are very well educated, confident, well-adjusted, as Freckle said, they always know just what to say, they're the "beautiful people". They are just so...normal. (I can't comment on the first generation, they have always seemed a little bit odd to me, but the second and third.) But how can that be? This is the part I always got stuck on. 
I am reminded of the scene in Fiddler on the Roof, Tevye plowing his field and weighing which direction to take; accepting his daughter's unorthodox choice, or his inner convictions and tradition. "But on the other hand..."
That's what it is like. On one hand, this stuff is so illogical, Jack was quite obviously a fraud. How can no one here see it? On the other hand, maybe I'm wrong. They don't seem crazy. They are intelligent and successful. They aren't the culty type. Maybe it's me that is wrong...But on the other hand, fish people? Watchers/fallen angels? Jacob reincarnated to hand pick us from guf? "Prophets" going to Denver airport to fight a demon? WTF. They have to be crazy. But on the other hand...

There is a lot of information on cults and who and why people become a part of them. If you are interested, google it. The basic conclusion is that despite common misconception, clinical evidence and research strongly supports that cult members are normal people from every background, educated, uneducated, ceo's, professors, doctors as well as blue collar workers and drop-outs. It doesn't take a certain type to get involved in a cult, it can happen to anyone. 
Cult members may mistakenly believe they are special, but don't be too hasty to think you are special for being "smart" enough to leave (or avoid involvement altogether). We really aren't too different.
So what is it that keeps people involved? I believe it is complicated and unique to each individual. There is no good answer.

I want to clear up a few miconceptions about the current Jack Hickman group. One is, the size. I don't remember how many people were involved before the "big blow up", but I have heard it was a lot. Maybe a thousand or two in the early days.  How many are they now? I sat down and attempted to compute this. I may be off by one or two, but I am in the ballpark. Right now, there are about 72 different families involved. About 8-9 of these are single adults or older couples with no active children. So they are about 64 actively growing families. Approximately 36 families are located in Maine, a group in Colorado, and the others scattered about in NY, NC, NH, FL, CA, GA, etc.
What do they do? I won't bore you with a list of what each member does for work, but just off the top of my head I can count about 6 physicians, and a couple more in medical school, 3 Chiropractors, 6 active attorneys, 3 social workers and a psychologist, at least 12 active nurses, 2 dentists, 5 youth who served or are serving in the armed forces, a professor, about 4 police officers, a few firefighters and emt's, business executives (not counting cult businesses), 8+ teachers, an airline pilot, massage therapists, carpenters and contractors, dental hygienists, you get the picture. They are  varied and from many walks of life. Almost all youth go to college with very few exceptions. Unlike other cults, such as the fundamentalist mormons, everyone has a job or career. No one is on the welfare rolls. The only people who don't work are retired. Oh, and many of the women who are having baby after baby, and staying home to take care of them. Every mother I can think of who stays home also went to college and has, or had a career of their own. They blend in and function very well in society. They disagree with welfare, debt, or anything that makes you a "slave" to the government. Politically they are also varied. There are staunch liberals and staunch republicans, many in the middle, and then those who believe politics are just a diversion tactic to keep us stupid, so they refuse to take part. But they are intelligent, educated people for the most part. Yet they love and follow Jack Hickman, despite every odd or outright ludicrous thing he has said or done. It defies logic.

I digress, but due to their professions, an awful lot of cult members are mandated reporters. Had to point that out.

Anonymous asked if they consider themselves Jewish. That is a difficult question to answer. Some are actually Jewish, but they are in the minority. I am one of them, although I do question the validity of what I was told by my parents. I am presently doing some research to find out for sure.
But most are not Jewish, but consider themselves such. Actually, they believe themselves to be "Israel", that is, that the true Israel is made up of the people, Israelites, who are scattered about the earth which has no relation to the present State of Israel. How many times has Jack referred to Israel and us as the temple built of "living stones"? There are a few who have converted to Judaism through a synagogue, but most believe that conversion is not necessary, as they are the true Israel which is a separate thing from what the religion of Judaism is today.
But there is division amongst family members in this regard. There are those that live openly as Jews (of course, keeping secret their belief in Yehoshua). Others keep their "Judaism" completely secret. They live like the Maranos because they believe it will make them a target of persecution when "The Time" comes. A few belong to temples or synagogues, but it has always been discouraged.

In reality, their beliefs are not very Jewish at all, despite the fact that they observe all the holidays, and follow Torah (with some extra thrown in). Some describe themselves as Messianic. Their main focus is on Gospel of the Nazirines, and the 32 Paths, as well as meditation (the form they practice is close to transcendental meditation). They study Torah, but shun many aspects of halacha, or rabbinic law. They also study much of the New Testament, but shun Paul as a false prophet, and Pauline doctrine is a false path. Like the Seventh Day Adventists, they are preparing for doomsday. If I had to compare it to some other modern religion, I think it most closely resembles a combination of
three so-called Essene or Nazorean orders that exist today:
the Sons Aumen Israel, The Essene Nazorean Church of Mount Carmel, and the Essene Church of Christ.
Despite what most of the youth believe, there is not a single thing that Jack taught that is original or unique to him. It can all be found somewhere else, and it all existed pre-Jack.

I don't know what happens when people leave. As for me, I am distrustful of any organized religion. I don't know what I believe, except that I know that most of what I was taught was fairytale. Someone on Facebook, under  religious views, said this: "There is a God, and it's not me."
As far as where I am with regard to religion right now, that says it perfectly.


  1. They were more like the occult. I'm guessing the youth aren't? Or maybe there's still an inner circle privy to more secret teachings and rituals? Hickman was into dark magik. I've no idea what goes on today and no one seems to mention kabala and other magik. I wonder. All I know is Hickman liked magik and the inner circle back in the day knew that. The Bible never says that there's only one god. The Bible simply states that there's only one Creator and that only the Creator should be worshipped. The idea is that the Creator loves all His Creation so by subjecting oneself to His will an individual dedicates himself to the Objective point of view of a Creator who loves others. It requires selflessness. Hickman rejected that idea. Hickman fancied the lesser gods who let him exhalt himself in a selfish way. Hickman didn't deny a Creator but Hickman didn't follow Him either. He studied the occult. Do the youth know that? It seems the teachings are way different nowadays.

  2. I don't know what was taught before my time, nor what is being taught to the "inner circle". The priests, as a group, are taught separately from the rest of the youth, so I cannot speak for them. I certainly see some occult influences in the teachings, especially in the 32 Paths in which he talks about different tarot cards. In general, though, Any magic dtuff was related to Kabbalah. I was taught that magic, fortunetelling, seances and mediums, etc was all against Torah, and was forbidden. A distincion was made between " white" and "dark" magic. White being mysticism such as Kabbalah, and had to be studied for many years only by certain people (like Jack, of course), or it also was black magic.
    If you read about the three churches in the post, there are so many things that ate similar if not identical. They all incorporate mysticism and Kabbalah into their doctrine. One talks about Mary fleeing to France with her and Yeshua's child, one talks about the 32 paths, vegetarianism, the way. Interestingly, one was founded in Oregoon, where Jack originates from. Given the time period, I suspect he would have come accross it, before he went to seminary.
    Freckle mentioned occult roots to rituals similar to Jack's " passing of the seed". They made sense. There was definitely some of that mixed in. I think Jack was fascinated with occult and magic, so it certainly played a part, but I don't believe it was predominately influenced by it. Of course, I am only guessing.

  3. Hi Sym, it was me that asked about the Dr's. We do have a small misunderstanding on what I meant but you went in a much better direction and a great post. I don't think people in the 'family' are stupid. So here is kind of the nut of it. Jack an admitted pedophile told the truth on long island when confronted. Then when those that just couldn't accept that it was all a lie returned, he lied to them. jack just kept spinning the lie he had already developed. So now I ask why people with critical thinking skills would stay, thinking Dr's are at the top of the brain train, and not meaning everybody else is at the bottom, I have to wonder what is the incentive?
    It can only be that jack spun his lie to include how 'special' they all were/are. I think a Dr. is altruistic at the core, so when I think that out of all the faith's or religions out there, it doesn't add up that they would choose hickmanism, there just seems so many better places. Back in the day, the people who stayed bought the story line hook line and sinker, it was a switcheroo done to them, while all the time they thought they were being loyal and true to jack, a pathological liar. Keep in mind those at the core really know this, they found the story baseless, I say this because it is, not because I wanted it to be baseless.

    While I do think you are exceptional, like freckles, I think the others in it should be able to figure it out, maybe with a little push or guidance from you. I'm not trying to put it all on you either. Back in the day we were not so different. Jack sold us, but we were shopping, for many reasons. The truth doesn't always come out, life is not always fair. You sym are doing something to make it fair. Even if its just one person you make a difference for, even if its just for you, its good. So please keep going, I really like your blog and clearly there are places only you are able to take us, thanks for that. Old people in Europe are caught up in their own lives and their own families and struggles, they don't know or care really that any of the 'family' are even alive.

  4. Hi Simply, it's me again. The first Anon who wrote about the occult. I also wrote on your other post about Jack eating lobster off the floor like a dog. Now back in the 70s Jack had what seemed like a litmus test for moms. He would start with these Marino Jew and persecution stories. Always the inquisition. He'd go on about moms who were captured and told to deny god or the faith or something like that. Well these Satanic moms were good and virtuous Jack explained. Jack raved about how their children would be tortured. Tortured in front of them. Slowly tortured. The mothers could stop the torture by denying their faith. But they wouldn't.Jack said a good Jewish mother would actually watch as her child was slowly tortured and he loved telling about one mom who watched and let them skin alive 7 of her sons. For god. Can you imagine? Needless to say I never found my way into Jack's inner circle. But my children were never raped either. Jack's friends never raped my children and if they did I wouldn't have been quiet about it. Not for the faith.not for god.not for abba. I don't think there is such a thing as White magic. I think Hickman was into the occult. Dark stuff. Hedonism. Predatory and hedonistic satanism.btw the kabala eventually teaches people that Lucifer is good So it makes sense that Hickman would call it white magic. We do live in strange Times. There's plenty of people who are into the occult. Smart people. As a matter of fact pedophiles gravitate towards proffessions such as social work and teaching. Intelligence and morality don't always go hand in hand.

  5. Sorry for the typo above. I have this automatic spellchecker.It's supposed to say Marano.Marono moms.Jack said Marano moms were good and virtuous. Jack raved about how a good marano mom would let her child be tortured.

  6. Somehow my post disappeared. I'll try again. I think I cancelled it out by writing a second one. Ok I'm the anonymous who wrote about the occult and Jack eating lobster off the floor. Now in the 70s Jack would tell stories about Marano Jewish moms.Jack talked about torture and the inquisition period.Jack said the good maranno mom would let her children be tortured and would still refuse to deny the faith or to deny her god. Now that was some kind of litmus test because some of his followers actually said they'd do that. They'd let their children be tortured.One story he always repeated was some mom who watched 7 sons slowly skinned alive.Jack said she was good for letting it happen and refusing to deny her faith even though that could have stopped it. Intelligence and morality aren't the same you know. I remember Jack for these sick and immoral stories and for his love of tarot cards and kabala. I just think he was a hedonistic Satan lover. You're post about the other churches is very interesting and confirms my opinion. Also, pedophiles gravitate towards professions like social work, teaching and clergy. They also gravitate towards the occult.