Monday, January 27, 2014

The 49ers

No, not the football team. But it was their recent playoff games that reminded me of the 49ers, the nick-name given to our parents' generation in the cult. There was a time when lots of the men were sporting baseball caps that said "49er" on them. There may have even been some t-shirts. I still see them now, once in awhile. Everyone loved the nickname, and the paraphernalia, and it made them feel special and clever when outsiders saw a football fan, but it really meant something far different (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Hopefully, this will lend some context to the non-family readers as to the beginnings (or supposed beginnings) of this cult. The story that follows is what Jack taught his followers about himself and his Family history (which became our history once they were all "finally adopted".

The 49ers represents what Jack presented to us as the origins of this exclusive Family we were adopted into. Jack, Abba Yaakov, was supposedly the 49th "abba" of the Abensur family, part of a long line of Abbas that have been in the position of leader of the Family since the crucifixion of Yeshua and the subsequent escape of his wife and children to France.
Jack claimed that he was a direct descendent of Yeshua.
This is the reason for the secrecy of the Family.

The story goes:
Yehoshua (Hebrew for Joshua) was a zealot. He was a threat to the Romans who at the time ruled Israel, and he was to be captured and crucified, as many dissidents were then. The Roman's instead mistakenly captured his son, Joshua jr. In order to save his son, Yehoshua offered himself in his son's place. The Romans were happy to oblige, Joshua jr was freed and his father was tortured and crucified. Upon his death, he was entombed in a cave. Some people believe he wasn't actually dead, just unconcious, explaining the "resurrection". But the general concensus in the Family is that he did die, and was resurrected by God 3 days later.
Upon resurrection, he was different, spiritually different, more than a "normal" man; he was perfect.
In the meantime, Yeshua's wife and children, namely his daughter Johannah and son Yochanan, escaped to southern France where they were protected and kept hidden.

The story gets quite intricate and complex. There are some books that Jack pointed to as references, such as Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and the Messianic Legacy, among others.
But the cliff note version is that these relatives of Yeshua continued his bloodline. These direct decendents are called the Desposyni.   Through the centuries following, these desponyni continued to survive, hidden and protected, to someday rise up again and rule alongside Yeshua when he returns as the messiah. We have all heard of the Knights Templar. According to Jack, they were formed for the sole purpose of protecting the holy grail, aka, Jesus's bloodline. This bloodline is where Jack claims to be directly descended from. Yeshua and his bloodline are also descended from King David. Being of the Davidic bloodline further strenghthens their claim to rightfully rule Israel.

The desposyni continued their bloodline and spread throughout the world, but to this day, had to remain hidden and kept who they are a secret. According to Jack, from the moment the desposyni escaped the Romans, there has been a continuous quest to identify and eliminate them. These descendents were a huge threat to Rome, the Church, and continue to be to this day. To illustrate this, we are directed to the story of James, brother of Jesus. He knew Yeshua intimately, and continued to spread his word after he was crucified. He was eventually stoned. Paul, on the other hand, was an enemy to Yeshua and his teachings. Paul preached what the Romans wanted him to preach, and he became the voice of Christianity even until today. So what we know as Christianity today is really Paulian dogma, which is really what the Romans wanted to be taught, which in actuality is in opposition to true Christianity, Yeshua taught.

According to Jack, the Church, along with the world's governments, will do everything they can to destroy any remnant of Yeshua and repress his word. They started by using an enemy to warp his teachings into dogma that became the accepted face of Christianity. Anything else is called heresy, among other things. This is and has been a means of control for centuries.
They also have sought out the desposyni in order to have them killed.

According to Jack, every persecution against the Jews is an attempt to seek out and destroy the remnant of Yeshua that continued to exist. They expect to find them among the Jews, sice Yeshua and his ancestors are Jewish. Anti-semitism and persecution is so widespread and accepted because this is the way to weed out the desposyni; the "enemy".
Jack believed this was behind the Spanish Inquisition, and even the holocaust. The logic is, if every Jew is killed, Yeshua's bloodline will be destroyed eventually.

So, most of the Family keeps their Judaism a secret (though not all). That is why Jack grew up as a secret Jew. Our group, the Tribe of Jesse, has been adopted into that bloodline of the desposyni. This is why so many people in the Family hide their Judaism, and pretend they are something else.

 So, what's with the 49ers?
Jack taught us that the bloodline has been governed by a patriarch, or Abba, of the family since the time of the crucifixion. The first "Abba" was Simon, Yeshua's son, I believe. Our Abba, Jack, was the 49th Abba of the Family.
Now that he is dead, there is no acting Abba. Supposedly there is no appointing or voting to get a new leader. An Abba can only be chosen by God, and there is a very specific series of events that must happen.
First, the next Abba is visited by his "Maggid", or teacher. He then has a dream or vision in which he learns he is the next Abba. At the same time, 2 other men will have the same dream or vision. In it, they will be told a time and place to meet.
Those three men will show up at the time and place told to them, and this is verification that the person is, in fact, the next Abba. Jack claimed this was a very humbling experience for him.

Jack's purpose as Abba was to go out and find the "lost remnant". He was to find the souls that were spiritually a part of his family. Somehow this led him to leave his life as a secret Jew in Oregon and become a Lutheran pastor and locate his lost sheep among a ragtag group of young, confused teenagers in Long Island, NY. Who knew?

Jack also had a prophecy at some point that two of Yeshua's children, Johannah and Yochanan would be reincarnated and born into the second or third generation of the Family. It's funny, soon after that there were a bunch of baby boys being named Yochanan, or it's english form, Jonathan.

Several people have asked the rationale of the cult regarding it's secrecy, when so many other cults are very obvious in appearance. I hope this explains the basis of this trend. The Family believes in "hiding in plain sight". Growing up, we often hear the phrase "be in the world, but not of the world."

As with every idea that has become part of the Family identity, Jack didn't come up with this on his own. It all comes straight out of several books he pointed to as "proof". Among them are:

*The Holy Blood, and the Holy Grail, by  Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln,
*The Messianic Legacy, same authors as above,
*Bloodline of the Holy Grail by Laurence Gardner
*The Davinci Code by Dan Brown
*James the Brother of Jesus, by Robert Eisenman

I am sure there are others I have overlooked, but these were titles that were read with gusto by cult members. They were fascinated with them, maily because they thought they were reading about themselves and about subjects in which they fancied themselves as having the exclusive insider knowledge.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter blues

This weekend is the Martin Luther King holiday. That means there is a January meeting happening in the Family, just like every year. It is most likely in Portland, Maine, in a hotel conference room. As far as I know, there was no youth retreat this year. But there is always a meeting, and I know there are some members traveling to Maine from Colorado and elsewhere this week, so I am relatively certain it is happening.

I would love to be there this weekend. Sort of. I know it's going to be the same"business" that is always discussed, prayer and talks by the king, priests, Miriams or clan heads. There will be a new crop of 13-year-olds to be consecrated into the Davidic line, and the priestly line. I've seen and heard it all before, yet I can't shake this feeling of wanting to be there. That nagging sense of missing out, like being the only relative not invited to Thanksgiving. It feels like something is moving forward without me, and I'm not going to know something important. Why do I even care? I don't in some ways. I really don't. I have better things to do and think about. But would I go if I had the chance? Probably. Partly due to curiosity, and I suppose...attachment. Because, all rediculousness aside, it is like an extended family reunion. They even call it that, the hotel usually has the event listed as the Philip R family reunion.

I have begun several posts over the last weeks, but never finished or posted them. I guess I have reached an impasse.
I keep asking myself what the hell I'm doing. Last summer, when I decided to blog about this cult, I felt motivated (and scared, and anxious), and certain that it was the correct decision. Getting things out felt awesome. Mostly. I wanted everyone who has been duped by these people to know the truth. I wanted the leadership to know they couldn't shut me up anymore. With every post that revealed a secret, I anxiously awaited the fallout, sure that they would just KNOW who I was and catch me off guard or become confrontational. My confidence was boosted each time I published a post and nothing bad happened. They are filled with self-importance but are in fact powerless, as most of you readers already know.

In December, my blog hit 10,000 pageviews. That actually caused quite a bit of anxiety. Now it has faded into apathy. I get emails, mostly friendly and helpful, but some are creepy or antagonistic. In the beginning I believe there were quite a few cult members and leaders reading and analyzing to try and figure out who I am. I hoped there were also youth reading, and that they would question the things they grew up believing. Over time I suspect there are less members reading, and even fewer youth. The cult's best defense against the blogs is to make us irrelevent, and they have. The blogs and bloggers are ignored and never spoken of, at least publicly to the Family at large. And as far as the core group goes, no matter what is revealed by former members, they will remain steadfast. And that's their choice, I suppose.

The majority, the vast majority of my readers are former members, or relatives and friends of former and current members. And while I truly appreciate that people read and respond, I have to ask myself: what is the point of preaching to the choir?

Sometimes I run into other young people who are members. Some of them are your typical culties, but others seem genuinely genuine (sorry for the bad use of English. I don't feel like editing). They are "together", smart, confident and happy. In my years of wearing the "mask", I have become somewhat adept at seeing through the masks of others. And some really don't have one. How van that be? Are there "healthy" first-generation folks who managed to believe and follow a psychopath, yet still raise well adjusted kids in loving families?  Hmmm. I wonder.

Pardon my somewhat non sequitur ramblings. I think it may just be the mid-winter blahs. I am going to pop some vitamin D's and get back on track.

Later, for your reading enjoyment, I will post some prophecies that occurred during the January meeting in 2012.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Prophecies and Prophesying

 I decided to post a couple more prophecies from 2011. There are others that I have access to, but these will give you an idea of what is being said. They are generally more of the same.

These so-called prophecies are closely guarded by the family. I am honestly not sure why. They do not reveal any information of substance. They certainly do not reveal any secrets. Actually, if the Family believes these are true prophecies from God, why would they want to hide them? Shouldn't they be available to all? Did the biblical prophets, namely the ones they believe have risen among them, did they whisper their prophecies and keep them secret among themselves?  The Family has the supposed mission of being "lights" in the darkness of our world. They are to live as examples of God's word, chosen by Him to usher in the kingdom. If you believe you are going to rule alongside Yehoshua, why not spread the word?  Maybe you should give the rest of the world the same opportunity to repent and prepare?

Nevertheless, they are closely guarded. They were printed, but only to be distributed among the Clan Heads, and read to their members. I believe they were then to be destroyed, or placed in safekeeping. However, they ended up in several "other" hands. Abba always said we were terrible at keeping secrets.

Sarcasm aside, it really does confuse me as to why they are so secretive about the actual words in these prophecies. I just don't get it. There is nothing new here. Just repeats of things we heard and read from Jack .I suppose if I were the leadership, I would be more concerned with word getting out that people have claimed to be biblical prophets reincarnated. Actually, reincarnated is the incorrect word. What the Family believes is that people are born with their soul, but that later in life, a new soul can be received, sometimes more than one. They believe that these men received the souls of these prophets, and that is now who they are.
Jack also taught that the youth would one day be prophesying. That God would speak through them at different times to relay his word. That all of us, the youth, have the potential to prophesy.
That is what I would want to keep secret if I was them. If that gets out then they are labeled as yet another kooky group spewing cultish nonsense.

It's amazing, really, how many prophets are presently walking this earth right now, if every claim is to be believed.

I think I can identify what annoys me the most about this stuff; the cowardice of the Family. If you truly believe what Jack taught, why hide? Who hides what they believe? You claim to be "warriors for God", but you are afraid to stand up and be open about who you are. We are not living during the Spanish Inquisition, or the Holocaust, or in any other situation where your lives are at stake. No matter what you tell yourself, no one is looking for you or is out to "get" you. A real "warrior for God" would stand by their beliefs despite the consequences. You want to be martyrs- how do you accomplish that if you are hiding behind all these false personas?  You are not a martyr if no one knows what you died for.  I am a strong believer in being steadfast in my beliefs. If I can't stand tall and be firm in who I am and what I believe, then it's not worth believing. If a person has to lie about their beliefs, they are not worth believing. And they are a coward.
And really, no one really cares. There are so many people who squirrel away food and supplies and wait for doomsday. There are so many groups who believe they are the chosen ones. It's a fad.
The family is no different in that respect.

Ok. Done venting. On to the prophecies:

     During Prayer, July 2011

 Elijah:  "From you I will draw my songs. From you I will draw the vibrations of health and harmony and judgment upon the world. From the souls that I have placed within this world shall come My sounds. All the world cries for My sounds. So much has been lost. So much is not heard and so much is needed. I will touch your souls. And strike you with the vibrations of the universe."

(Prayer continued for some time)

Elijah:  "Oh, so much has happened on this earth. By the hand of man so much suffering and so much pain.  Into the hand of Yaakov did I give the means to mitigate such things. There have been those who have followed My ways and followed the walk of the patriarchs, but so many from their loins have gone their own way.  Much suffering has taken place from just this fact. Into this world did I place the unbegotten, who formed around him a body of people who dedicated themselves to the cause of Yaakov. And into this body have I brought you through the hand of your father Yaakov.  Great power, great ability to affect the sufferings of this earth have I placed within the hands of those within this family.  many over the years and centuries have failed, but always there are those who must rise to Me with their lives.  Song.  It not only leaves your mouth, it is the vibration of your life. This state of your heart. The deeds of your hands. The words of your mouth. The thoughts in your head.  All of this is your song. Purity is what I demand.  There is only great power in great purity. There is yet impurity in this place, in the secret chambers of your hearts. You hold your brother and your sister in low places and think upon them with malice. Search your hearts. Is this the place that holds the love of the Unbegotten? Repentance.  That is what I demand. Be it on your lips and on your hearts. All must turn. All must see the truth. All must search their own chambers. The inner recesses must be cleaned. I have touched you. I have not hidden Myself.  But for the great work to be done, I demand purity. Purity of heart and soul. Purity of mind. Purity of thought. Practice the love that Yaakov taught you and cleanse yourself.  It is Finished."

(But  just wait, it is NOT finished)

After more prayer:
Elijah:  "So many. So many in this world have no voice.  So many suffer wretched lives. In this place you're protected from that.  Hear the sounds of their suffering. I have placed upon the daughters the sounds of suffering and pain and misery. These sounds, they complete the circle. You have heard and you have cried the lamentations of My world. The cries of the suffering, the disenfranchised, the forgotten, will be carried by the voices of the women. Know that the work of Yaakov is not yet finished. Your prayers, your lamentations, your lives your love, all that you do rises to Me and I will use all that you bring. Return to me with a pure heart.  It is finished."

This next prophecy was given very soon after the last. I believe it may have been the next day during prayer, or later during the same week.

     Elijah:  "I have called for the repentance of hearts. Purity, so few know real purity. It must be taught. It must be modeled. It must be lived. I will not lose another generation to the failings of the human spirit' thinking and believing that what is them is Me. Purity is an absolute. My law is an absolute. That which I demand of the heart is absolute purity.  Yaakov, he was a perfect. In the eyes of others he failed, seen as evil or misguided. But I judge in ways that are not of man, not by outward signs, but by the beauty of one's heart and soul. This can be learned. This can be taught. This can be modeled. All My children have this within their grasp. But the road to perfection starts with the first step of turning, the realization of being in one's own heart, and own mind, and listening to one's own ways and not those of Mine.  I have called for repentance, and this will I hold My anointed to. Return to Me, Oh My children. The ways of the world are not for you. Your birthright awaits you. I have brought the sounds of lamentation and grieving to many of the women. Misery and wretched suffering continues, and is practiced by many oppressors. Politics and war and the games that men play with power and influence will have no effect to diminish such things. Only by the hand of the children of Abraham can such things be diminished. This has been a truth since the moment that Yaakov placed his head upon the stone. My words have been tossed aside by those who  should have carried them and lived them. My way has been long forgotten by those who practice emptiness and words that are said to Me with impure hearts. Only in the practice of purity, of loving one another, of empathy for the suffering in this world, by those whom I have put upon My souls will these things be diminished. Time has not yet run out. Every act of love and purity and obedience in accordance with My will is an act which brings health and harmony to this creation and relieves the suffering or the potential suffering of those in this world. This is your work and has always been your work. Judgment will come, but the question has always remained: how much of My hand of severity will strike the earth? The answer lies in the level of purity and obedience that those who are born of Abraham offer to Me. It is finished."

There is a lot in these words. A couple of years ago, I didn't notice that these so often refer to Jack, and obedience, and following what he taught us. It's amazing how different they sounded to me before, when I still believed the lies.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014! We Are Still Here.

Well, here we are. It is now 2 years post-prophecy, and the world as we know it still exists. In celebration of the new year, one in which we are still living in "normalcy", I thought I would review some of the prophecies of the past couple of years; what has come to pass, what hasn't, and where things are headed in this little cult as the new year begins.

About two-and-a-half years ago, May 2011, the whole Family gathered in a hotel conference room in Portland, Maine, for a special meeting. This gathering was larger than usual, as word went out that it was mandatory, for everyone. There were people there who hadn't been seen in years. There was an air of anticipation and mystery. Something big was going to happen and no one was sure what. Some said that the things that were to be revealed would cause a split in the Family comparable to 1982.

There were the usual guards at the doors ensuring that cell phones were turned off. The meeting commenced with the usual players leading in prayer. Business was taken care of first, which consisted of the removal of a "Miriam" (LP), and another appointed in her place (LK), the removal of an elder with elections to take place later, and most importantly, a revelation from Gary C. Gary has held the position of "high priest" for a long, long time. He stepped down and handed the position over to Adam V, brother of the "king", Mike V. Interesting. Gary gave an emotional little speech, told everyone that he and Adam were led by God to make this decision.

Later on, the Family heard what they had been waiting for. Mike spoke of recent prophecies, by him and others. He read it to the group, and then read it again. People had an opportunity to ask questions and many did. Mike's ability to answer them seemed limited, as he mostly said "I don't know", or that the words of the prophecy, spoken by God through him, were just that; God's words, not for interpretation by him or anyone else.

As a side note, when I say "prophecies" I am fully aware that these are not actual prophecies, but the result of delusion and mostly self/group induced altered-reality. Or whatever.
Freckle Face wrote a great post about these particular men, the prophesies from spring 2011, and some of the psychology behind them.
You can find it here: But Seriously- Delusions and Prophesies
        Basic Summary of the 2011 craziness:
  •  Adam V. prophesied that he is the new Tzaddok (high priest). Gary concurs.
  • Yosef V. prophesied that he is the reincarnation of Elijah the prophet. (Eliyahu)
  • Elijah prophesied that everyone in the Family was to "join the sheepfold" and move to Maine.
  • They prophesied that they needed to go to CO and wrestle with the demon there, which happened to be at the Denver International Airport. They lost the battle. They apparently got kicked out of the airport. This failure led to the "move to Maine" prophecy.
  • Finally, Mike V, the "King" had a prophecy that there was a time of great destruction coming in October, 2012. Between now and then, each Israelite must prostrate themselves before the king in lamentation. You had to go to Maine, and schedule a time with him to do this. At some point the person's name would be spoken to the king. Then what? Who knows. God forgot that part, apparently.
  • Someone else is the prophet Jeremiah, also a Van, but I cannot recall who.

Part of Mike's prophecy included a schedule of cycles leading up to the period of destruction that he said would begin in October, 2012, after the High Holidays. There were to be 12 cycles of 29 days. The first began on October 8 (Yom Kippur).  The last day of the last cycle was on Sept 19, 2012.  The lamenting and prostrating had to occur during these cycles.
No one was to repeat this prophecy to anyone who was not at the meeting. To ensure that everyone got the message, three men were going to be sent out in the coming weeks to personally deliver the message to any finally adopted or consecrated individual who was not at the meeting. I have wondered if this actually occurred- did anyone get a knock on their door by three men delivering a prophecy?
As was expected, this information created quite an uproar. There was a split between Colorado and the Mainers. Some people in Colorado claim that these were false prophets, and that they would continue in CO as the "real" Abensurs. Others moved to Maine. The people down south are still pretty much down south. Then there were some more prophecies later that said "never mind, you can stay in Colorado. God didn't mean YOU had to move, just the other ones..."
When Gary and "Elijah" visited Co after their tryst with the "beast of the mountains", they freaked a few people out, to put it mildly. Believe it or not, to some people in the group, a man convulsing and speaking gibberish in the middle of a meeting looks a little...crazy.

This all began a quite intense period of time. Over the next year, there were many prophecies, not just by the Vans, but other youth as well. Prayer meetings were happening several times a week, in each area: Corinna, Mercer, Albion and Unity. They were very emotional and charged. Things were happening. As Abba had always said, the youth were being filled with the spirit, and speaking Hashem's words. The meetings were more intense where there was more youth, especially Corinna.
At each meeting, there was somebody ready to get the prophecy down on paper, word-for-word.
Some of the prophecies were deemed important enough to share with the rest of the group, the people who weren't there to hear them in person.

The Family started moving into action. This was fully expected to be THE time, that we had spent our lifetimes in preparation for.

The following are some prophecies that occurred during this period. They are the exact words that were handed to the Family.

Saturday, June 6, 2011

During a gathering somewhere in central Maine for music and worship

Elijah: "Elijah! Children of Yaakov, hear My words. Speaking is the Lord God of Israel. The Spirit has come to this place. Do not deny it. My servants speak My words. I will explode in this place. Many will hear My voice. Many will speak My words. Many will see visions. Many will dream dreams. I gave Yaakov much, and he put upon you everything I gave him. Listen to those words. They are Mine. As My servant Eliyahu has said, righteousness, righteousness, righteousness is what I crave. Your prayers, they rise to Me as incense. Pray to Me for you have been born in great and terrible times. I have sent these two for a purpose and that will become clear. Much has happened. Much has fallen. But My family shall remain intact. Lose your fear and face the future with confidence.

I have 2 things to say today. One: You shall know Me. I shall not remain hidden. And two: This happens only with you as willing instruments. A circle, all is a circle. I do nothing on My own on this earth without those below. I need you. I need all those under covenant. Nothing is thrown out and all who do not respond must be made up for. There have been many failures. But I have given you ways to overcome. Search the words of Yaakov. Don't keep them in your head. Do them! Perform them. Act. Hold them in your heart, but act. Your heads are useful but only in union with what you give Me, and I crave your action. The greatest thing you can know and do is love. Search it, know it, feel it, experience it, give it, give it, give it, no matter what you receive, give love. It is My essence. I created the world with it. For without it none would exist. Let go of yourselves. Die to those things you have struggled with personally and as a family. Die to them. Die to them. Die to them. I will send My servants Jeremiah and Eliyahu out, and they shall do things in My name. Your greatest job is to serve Me and to love one another, all of you, no matter what is said or done. You must love all your brethren. That is My greatest will for you. It is finished."

Yaakov in these prophecies is Jack (Jacob). I have noticed that when the leadership begins to sense people falling away, or tithe money becomes short, Jack is used to reign us in or to instill fear and doubt.  Also notice how vague the words are. Nothing specific is ever referred to or said.

      Spoken during a prayer meeting (I was told this was in Maine)

     Elijah: "My spirit comes upon many of you. This is a process, just like the birth of a child. There can be pain. But what is birthed is beautiful. I give you a caution: do not seek this by adding the energy of your emotions. My words will come. You must sit with the process. Among the most important thing that you do to birth My words and experiences is to find the point of resonance within your body. For many, this will be your breath. You are all emotional beings and I will use your emotions. But do not let your emotions lead for that is you and not Me. In the beginning of this process, you will learn. As you go through this, ask questions of yourself, seek out My prophet Jeremiah and Eliyahu for they have both suffered through their own travails, and doubts.  It is finished."

There are a couple more from July of 2011. They are rather long. I will post them another time, if people are interested and I am able to acquire them. I want to skip ahead to my favorite, which occurred on September 25, 2011. This one was deemed so important it was to be shared with everyone. It was sent to all of the clan heads to read to their members. This supposedly wasn't done with the other prophecies, only this one. (though quite a few members seem to have this information anyway). You will understand why when you read it.

This prophecy was supposedly given to/through Mike V.

     "I address now all of the tribe.  Guard your tongues. I see and hear all. You cannot hide. I know the wickedness in your hearts. Cast it out and do not slander your brothers or sisters. This is not the way of righteousness, and this will destroy you. Cast it out and turn away from this deed. Follow what you have been taught. It is the only way to be righteous in My eyes and gain entrance into My kingdom. There is no other path, no matter what you may tell yourselves. There is no excuse for this action against the righteous. Stop your slandering! I know."

Someone caught wind of the blogs. Both Freckle Face and Pnina had written some very poignant and informative posts in the month or so prior to this "prophecy". The Modern Doomsday Cult blog was started that summer. They were reading, and they didn't like it.

So October of 2012 came and went with no looming disaster. I have to admit, I was worried, a tiny little bit. If something had happened to end the world as we know it, I would have been grateful that others in my family were more faithful than I, and stored lots of food and propane for the winter in the back woods of Maine.
There were lots of excuses for the lack of "great destruction":

-We prayed enough to divert it.
-It wasn't meant to be taken literally- the great destruction could be spiritual.
-the great destruction could mean within the Family- like 1982, another "winnowing".
-God is merciful, He saw we weren't ready and is giving us more time.
-There IS great destruction happening right now! Can't you see it?

Take your pick, any of them work.
Things have calmed down a great deal. At least as far as outside appearances. The Family is still moving forward as if nothing has changed. They are still preparing and praying, though information is more closely guarded. Some have questioned why God seems to have stopped speaking to them, but we have been told to be patient.
 The one thing that has come to pass is the destruction of the Family from within. To a point. Many have definitively "fallen away". There is a smaller core group of adamant believers than there was a couple of decades ago, and they are more extreme than before.  They work and pray fervently towards the same goals they have always had, and turn a blind eye to the blogs and naysayers, as well as any reasonable logic. They have lots of babies and little kids who are surrounded by this with very little exposure to the "outside" world.
There are youth, especially the late teen to twenty-something crowd, who are there, in the Family,  but don't buy most of it. There are a few who are willing to talk about the "goings-on" with some of the outsiders because some things just seem "askew" to them. The older generation doesn't get it. They honestly don't understand why the same devotion they feel for Jack is not shared as passionately by the youth. They try to gather them together routinely to play the many tapes of Jack's teachings, with the logic that if they hear it themselves it will resonate. I don't think it does. Maybe I am being too hopeful. We'll see.

Anyway, welcome 2014! I am very thankful to be here living my life, without fear of impending doom or guilt for not being righteous enough. I'm not aware of any new prophecies of late, but I have heard the next date to be aware of is 2016. I hope the Family is rotating their buckets of food, by now they have been around for a decade or more. By then they will be a little bit icky.
I realize, it is once again January. The Family is likely preparing for their next yearly meeting somewhere near Portland, Maine. Maybe I will hear something about what goes on. Maybe someone else will. I suspect information will be closely guarded, so I am not counting on it.