Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another Crack in the Facade

Thank you for your patience in waiting for another post. With Spring finally revealing herself, there are many (welcome) distractions from blogging and the workings of the Family. The sunshine brings a sense of renewal and hope. I have eagerly typed a paragraph or two of several new blog posts but then lost my drive to continue. I began this journey last summer, spitting out several posts a month because there was just SO much to get out. There still is, but it is not boiling under the surface as it was. It is a constant hum now, instead of the perpetual pounding that was occurring inside my head this time last year. I can go through almost an entire day without thinking about, or being reminded of the negative stuff. A whole day. I like it. Maybe it's just the Summer, and the wonderful sensory overload that comes with it- whatever- I'll take it, even if it's temporary.


I found some more "teachings" recently.  Every time I think I have found them all, another one appears, some booklet with a neon-pink or orange cover, in the most random places. Just a reminder, I suppose, of how thoroughly Jack and his fantasy world infiltrated my life. I still find myself caught off-guard, and in awe of how freely Jack lied. For such an intelligent man, he lied about some things that are very easy to refute. No one seemed to ever confront the lies and contradictions head-on. Of course, as I have said before, Jack did not anticipate the Internet, and the result being that people could easily research and invalidate claims. 

I found a packet of papers titled "Are You Ready?" There is no date printed, but it appears to be a sermon or teaching from the 70's. He mentions the name "Jesus" instead of "Yehoshua" so it was before Judaism began to take hold in the group. It is also apparent from the text that he is speaking to the young people, the first generation, of the cult, as he speaks about separating them from the older generation to speak of things that the older ones would not understand. I do not intend to post it in its' entirety due to its length, but the premise of the talk is the end times, and being prepared. 

The part that struck me is when Jack is speaking of the "mark of the beast", and survival (or lack thereof) in the cities, specifically NYC, who he claims is the "Whore of Babylon".  The "number" has been a recurring theme since the group's inception. Jack referenced it often, throughout all the different phases of the Family.
It was a given that the social security number everyone has is the tool the "Beast" will use. In the following pages, he talks about this, and about how he "got rid of" his number. 
The section I am referencing starts on the bottom of the first page, and ends about half-way down the second page.

He claims to have have somehow "gotten out" of having a social security number. That is a blatant lie. There is no other way to look at it. It is a simple, bald-faced lie. Just like you and me, Jack had a social security number. He always had it. He died in a hospital in Waterville, Maine, and just like every other person, his death was reported to the social security administration. He wasn't special. He wasn't some sort of non-citizen, or identity-less person like he claimed. He was a regular person, born in the US, with a birth-certificate and a social security number like everyone else.
There may be ways to sign your number away, and there are definitely ways to avoid getting a SS number to begin with, but neither of these apply to Jack Hickman.

Here is his file with the Social Security Death Index:
Name:Jack H. Hickman
BORN:13 Dec 1931
Died:20 Mar 2004
State (Year) SSN issued:Oregon (Before 1951)

His death certificate was issued in Maine:
Jack Howard Hickman
Certificate # 402607
Death: Saturday, March 20, 2004
Waterville, Maine

People took Jack's opinions to heart. I know several people of my generation whose parents refused to register their births with the SS administration to avoid getting a SS number. Of course, once people wanted a job, or needed to register with Selective Service, or go to college, it became moot. They needed it, or would have to live "off the grid", literally. Those parents fully expected the end-times to occur before their children reached adulthood.  Things didn't work out that way, and now we are all ensnared into the system anyway.

In fact, some members of the Family put a lot more effort into following Jack's example than he ever did. This is a link to a court case in which a family is fighting NY's requirement to furnish the state with a SS number for each individual in order for a family to receive government benefits. They went to court, and Jack testified in their behalf to help prove a religious exemption to getting their children registered. 
David Stevens v. Stephen Berger

It is not very interesting, unless you enjoy reading legalese, but it illustrates the lengths people would go to try and live up to standards that Jack preached but didn't bother practicing.

For the family, how do you explain away that lie? How do you rationalize it? It is an honest question, I would like to know how you would explain this to your son or daughter, or a member of your clan if this was presented to you. The reality is there is no room for interpretation, it is here, in black and white.
Regardless of what your personal beliefs are of jack Hickman, one thing is indisputable: he was a liar.