Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reaching Out

A woman left a couple of comments a few days ago on two different posts. I expected a response to her from other posters, but there has not been one yet. Maybe her comments haven't been seen yet since they are on older posts. They are here:

Don't Just Take My Word For It

Are you implying my apples aten't what they ought to be?

I was surprised by her words, mainly because she is not anonymous, in fact she is quite open about who she is related to and gives her name. She is reaching out, and I hope someone reaches out to her. There are a lot of readers here who have a lot of good information and experience, as I have seen from the emails I have received.

I am not the right person to reach out to her. I have not considered all of the repercussions of some of the things I post; while writing and exposing information is helpful for me, and maybe others, it is also hurtful to some. Though that was not my intention, I realize there is no way to avoid it.

I believe that the people whose names and actions I have posted created their own situations, as well as that of the people close to them who have to live with the consequences. By posting this information, I have definitely contributed to it's attention on the Internet.  I am conflicted, but I don't think I would change my decision to post what I did. However, I am sorry if my actions have added even more salt to already open wounds.

I am not always prompt in responding to emails, but if anyone wants to reach out privately, I will not ask for identifying information, and will keep anything said completely confidential.