Saturday, April 9, 2016


I do a search, every so often, on David Delalio and the others he was arrested with. It was almost 2 years ago that he was originally arrested for child pornography. I have searched for news several times, but I never found anything, except the jail report that told me he was still incarcerated, and wasn't convicted.
As time went on with no news, I stopped searching. I've moved on, and it just hasn't been on my mind as much as before. Then yesterday, on a whim, I searched again, and actually found something.

First of all, David Delalio is still incarcerated, according to the jail report, and still has not been convicted. Here is the report, updated through March, 2016:

He's still there. Still being held on federal charges of child pornography. The original article stated that he was one of several men involved in a child pornography "enterprise". I assume then, that here has been an ongoing investigation. I also found this article:

Child Porn suspect sentenced

David Delalio is mentioned in this article as one of the people involved in running this child porn website which is said to be the "largest and most sophisticated members-only site in existence".

This person has been convicted and sentenced to 17 years. Not enough, in my opinion. His victims will deal with this for far longer.

I am assuming that David hasn't been convicted yet because of an ongoing investigation. I only hope, really really hope, that he is convicted and sentenced to many many years- long enough to ensure there are never any new victims.

This news stirs up a lot of emotions and old feelings. Anger, especially. If only David's father, George was arrested and stopped a long time ago- maybe there wouldn't have been another man raised to repeat the same cycle, and more children who became victimized and affected for the rest of there lives.
There are so many maybes and what-ifs. I guess I am satisfied, a little bit, that there is some justice, and that some people are being held accountable for their actions. Another child pornography site has been shut down, and the pedophiles responsible are in jail. However, it is satisfaction that is bittersweet, and I can't shake the feeling that this never should have happened. It could have been stopped, with David's father, if people that knew had only taken action.