Thursday, December 6, 2018

17 Years

Article:David Delalio Sentenced

I know this is old news at this point, but there it is.

Quite frankly, the article pisses me off. I had started writing a post about it when I first read it, but my thoughts and emotions were all over the place. And honestly, it has grown more difficult over time to come back to this blog and continue writing with any regularity. My life is different now. I am different. There has been a lot of growth and resolution and my thoughts and my everyday life are less and less saturated with thoughts or emotions around the Family. I've moved on...I have actually left, emotionally and spiritually. However, I still have some other posts I am writing and I want to get this one out of the way  first and be done with it.

So this article....
Is 17 years enough? Is any amount of time enough for what this man did? No. He ruined lives- he played a paramount role in operating an international pornography ring that lasted for years. What bothers me most, though, is how the article was written.
The article was written from a very sympathetic standpoint in David's favor, and seemed more concerned with painting him as a victim than as the perpetrator of heinous crimes against countless  children. Why? Because he cooperated? Because he testified against his buddies? He only did those things after getting caught. Because he sobbed in court? Because he feels remorseful? Again, these were only after getting caught. He could have stopped at any time if he felt so badly about what he was doing.  He stated he feels bad about the situation his wife and children are in...yet he had no problem victimizing other people's children...that is, until he got caught, of course. Then he was remorseful.
David claims to have been abused by his father for 20 years. The article opened with this and I have to again wonder why. I'm surprised that the author stated it as a fact- just because David claims he was molested doesn't mean he was. I mean...he's not exactly a stand-up guy that you can take at his word. Just knowing what I know, I have serious doubts about this claim. Not that anyone can truly know, and it doesn't really matter anyway.  I also think it was just very convenient to use his father's status as a registered sex offender to benefit himself in his case.
It definitely benefited him, as the judge stated that David may have been different if he grew up differently. Well, duh. Every criminal would probably be different if they grew up differently. Who cares? He isn't and he didn't. He's a predator, and he has been since he was a kid. I can't believe the judge actually stated that he believes David has such great rehabilitative potential. What?!! And the judge states that he has a loving and supportive family. Which family? His abusive father? The cult?  His wife and children? God, I hope not.  David's ability to successfully play so many contradictory roles in his life is not the result of being a genuinely good person who was tortured by his past as the judge indicates. Rather, it is David's years of practice, living a double life. He has been a predator since before he was even a teenager. Of course, the judge wouldn't know this... David was really nothing more than a polished liar, a predator who was able to disguise who he really is- this is nothing new! Isn't this the case with every abuser or criminal that evades detection for years and years as their victim count rises and rises?  If they looked like criminals, if they acted like criminals,they wouldn't have been successful for so long. If people suspected a person might be a child molester, there wouldn't be any victims. I believe the statements made by this judge were very shortsighted and irresponsible. But that's just me.
The only other thing I wanted to mention (vent about) was the whiney statement by David that his wife and children were now living in poverty. Seriously... before anyone feels bad for them, they are not living in poverty. David's wife is Rachel DiMartino. Her father is an elder, and they live in Colorado. Her brother Shimon is married to Sarah Gerrie. Her sister Siona is married to a Sammartino. Rachel's grandfather was Johnny Juliussen, who ran Shoresh (handled the money) for  many years.  So Rachel and her children are fine, and they have plenty support (financially and otherwise) of the numerous family and cult members they live in the vicinity of.

There. I passed on the info. I vented. Now I will move on to other posts.

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